Launching just got easier with my 5 Step Launch Plan.

You're not in business to have it run you. 

There are roughly a million moving pieces to your business, right? You've got landing pages, courses, launches, Facebook groups, you have it all. Add in a team and… you know the rest. I can make your life EASIER by juggling #allthethings while you focus on scaling your business OR taking a break. Launching a new product or course? Let’s make a plan of attack, complete with programs and integrations. Email marketing? We'll get those newsletters and sales funnels set up. Moving your email list from one platform to another with more bells and whistles? Gotcha! Stop putting out small techy fires and leave it to me so you can focus on the big stuff. 

Working with me, you can expect prompt turnaround times and thorough communication. Listen, delegating can be tough, but no one can do everything.

Audience Builder

Level-up your business!

You're using that easy-to-use email platform but you're getting sick of having to make a new list every time you have something going on. Sure, you can make pretty emails but you can't tag and segment your audience. And to level up, you need to consistently market to the right people. The Audience Builder package is what you need, my friend!

We will co-create a freebie that your ideal clients will LOVE and keep them coming back for more! This new freebie will lead directly to a sales sequence or automation that will welcome new peeps to your world and what you offer. Then, we'll get you migrated from that out-dated email platform to one that can grow with you. Worried about how to use a whole new system? Don't be! We'll set up templates for one-off emails and monthly newsletters and make sure you’re 100% comfortable before we hand the reigns over to you. We’ll also put that freebie up on your website and make sure the whole process works!

Investment: $650

(one time project)


  • Trello board for project management

  • initial 1:1 call - 60 minute duration

  • followup call - 30 minutes

  • freebie creation and implementation on your website with call-to-action

  • welcome sequence

  • platform migration & set- up

  • branded email templates

The audience builder package is for you if:

  • You have been in business for 2 years or less

  • You understand that building an email list is a required component of business success

  • You are ready to be seen!

business strategy for life and business coaches.png
Caitlin has worked with me for many months now helping me “tighten” the back end of my business with everything from consistent social media postings to sending out newsletters on time to posting my blogs and helping me with my marketing calendar as well! What I struggle to do and is not my genius work, Caitlin takes the reigns!! It allows me to create the definition I want to see in my business and go after clients and be the photographer - my genius work! :)
— Rupa Kapoor,,

Strategic Partnering Retainer

Because being your own boss doesn’t have to be stressful.

You don’t need another virtual assistant. You need a team member - someone who is just as invested in your business as you are. Someone who has worked with (and helped) tons of other coaches just like you.

When you hire me, you are hiring a teammate. I come to the table ready to do the work but also ready to give you advice, suggestions and the support you need to grow your business.

Because let’s face it… right now you are barely keeping your head above water. You are struggling to keep up with the back end of your business because the front end (where you make all your money) is growing at an exponential rate. You need someone to show up, give you honest feedback and help you create the automations that feel good for you and your clients so you can continue to grow.


  • Trello board to track progress and stay on time

  • initial 1:1 planning call - 60 minute duration

  • weekly follow up calls to work out the kinks - 30 minutes each (if needed)

  • complete customized launch plans

  • sales emails and sequences set up

  • systems integration to automate your workflows

  • customer support via email

  • monthly newsletter

  • blog posting with SEO optimization

  • landing pages and website maintenance

  • peace of mind knowing someone has your back

    *Due to the nature of this package, there are limited spots available.

Investment: $1,000


My services will save your life if:

  • Your successful online business has been helping others for more than 2 years.

  • You make around $100,000 annually.

  • You are ready to hand over the reigns to the techy side of your business.

  • You need more time to spend with your clients and doing the money making activities.

We probably aren't the best match if:

  • You value work more than spending time with loved ones.

  • Your online business is brand new.

  • You make enough to pay the bills but that's it.

  • You like to micromanage.

  • You want an "on-call" virtual assistant.

Caitlin saved my life at least 5, 6, 10 times last month. Last month, I launched my group course and let me tell you, without Caitlin’s help, that course would still be in my mind and nobody would be in it. I’m not so hot at the behind the scenes stuff so I wanted someone else to do all the back end stuff. Caitlin set up my Paypal, my sales page, my landing page and was my biggest cheerleader. I had a successful launch and I owe it all to Caitlin. You will be able to stay in your zone of genius if you let Caitlin stay in hers, and that is building strategies, keeping you on track and organized and doing all the things that are not in your zone of genius. Caitlin will help you get what’s in your head out in the world and serving the people that you’re meant to serve.
— Crystal Thompson,
crystal testimonial.png

Online Business Management

Lady, you are killing it in your business!

Buuuuuuut, you might be feeling super overwhelmed with all the contractors, programs, launches, clients, and projects that you are taking on. You have a kick-ass crew on board and that’s cool too, but you probably don’t have time to manage all.the.things. Let’s talk!

With a degree in Business Management from the Isenberg School of Management, 8 years in people management, plus another 10 in running my own business, I know a thing or two.


  • Team management

  • Weekly team calls

  • Operations management

  • Metrics Tracking

Investment: $2,000+