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Monthly subscription to Sparkle Hustle Grow

The ultimate subscription box for lady bosses and quite possibly the #BestBusinessExpenseEver. Each month, you'll receive supplies to help run your business smoother, like books, wireless chargers, pop sockets and organizational tools. In addition, you'll get a monthly training, free of charge and access to an online community of like-minded female entrepreneurs. You'll get all this for only $40 a month, or grab the mini, for just $24.95 per month. The mini includes free training, a surprise book and access to the community. You need this, mama!


If you're looking for a robust email marketing system that plays nice with the other platforms you use, look no further. Gone are the days of multiple email lists and campaigns. ConvertKit has allows you to simply create forms to embed on your WordPress site and more, making it easy to grow that email list. Tag subscribers so you can see where they are coming from, what they are interacting with and more. Use the analytics to track what broadcasts are kicking ass and converting subscribers into paying members of your community. 


LastPass is the FIRST thing you need if you are just starting out in your online business or even if you're online a lot anyway. With LastPass, your vault keeps all your passwords safe and secure until you are ready to use them. I mean seriously, who the hell can remember an average of 50 passwords? No one. Your mind isn't a steal trap, but LastPass is. Simply download the chrome browser attachment and you're all set. You can sign in to any account with ease and you don't need to remember all those crazy passwords you make. LastPass has saved me hours and hours of time and sanity.

G Suite

G Suite is one of the first items I invested in when I got started being a VA. From communication to collaboration to administration, there really isn't a better virtual office option. Google's user friendly interface is easy to navigate and if you have trouble, just reach out to their support department which is full of incredibly helpful people. I use the Business Plan with unlimited storage and it only costs me $10/month to keep. 


17Hats is awesome for sending and signing contracts, invoicing and so much more. In your account settings, you can create your own contracts specific to your business, products or services. Create a workflow to make on-boarding an easy and seamless process for both you and your clients and use the bookkeeping option to keep track of expenses. Create projects within each client so you can bill them correctly each time you need to. Creating a lead capture form to link to my website was one of the best things ever. Clients fill it out from my sales page and boom, sent to my inbox. Once they fill it out, they are invited to schedule an appointment for a discovery call. Add contacts from the leads you receive and create projects when you are ready to start on-boarding or invoicing. Plus, 17Hats has an amazing support library if you should need it.

Acuity Scheduling

There's a reason most of my clients are using Acuity Scheduling and it's pretty easy. Acuity is the best program I have seen for scheduling those important calls. Quickly send or post a link to your personal scheduling page so future clients can pick a time and date that works for both you and them. You know it works for you because you, my friend, put in your availability ahead of time. Acuity sends out reminders and opportunities to reschedule if someone should need to. Now, you can integrate your iCal or Google calendar with Acuity but you will also get an email at the beginning of each week outlining your appointments for the week. Awesome!


I do love Trello. It was the first project management system that I really could get into. I had tried the others and booooo, hated them. I'm that person who buys a planner, uses it for a week and then it gathers dust for the next 11 months. In Trello, I create a board for each of my clients. Personally, I love the way it is set up. For someone visual like myself, it's awesome.


If you're like me and you love stock photography and fonts, you might want to invest in this one. Originally, I probably wouldn't have gone this route (especially with G Suite in my corner), but cloud storage is awesome, my friend. I love it. With Dropbox, I have TONS of free space to save all those images and files that I need and WANT. AND, it makes a nice little place for me to store client files that they might need access to. I love that I can share certain folders within my account and my computer loves all the space it saves.


For You, Your Family, Your Home (and Sanity)

Young Living Essential Oils

I know, right?! Everyone you know is talking about these little beauties. We're talking essential oils that can support every one of your body systems. Let me tell you something: there is way more beyond the little brown bottle. And Young Living Essential Oils are the best on the planet because of the Seed to Seal® process. I use oils daily, whether it's ingesting, aromatically or topically. Beyond the line of essential oils and blends, Young Living also has a line of all natural, plant based, essential oil infused products including supplements, body care, oral care, cleaning products.

I have replaced all the items I used to buy at the store that are laced with harmful chemicals and created an all natural environment in my home. I have made my own products like skin serum, body wash, deodorant, hand salve and so much more. I should mention mermaid spray, quite possibly the best kept secret among oilers. And it's not much of a secret since we all brag about it constantly. Anyway, feel free to check out more here. And if you decide to grab a starter kit (which is the best and cheapest option since you will save 24% all the time), we'll be friends, yayyy! Well, like, we'll be friends on more than one level. Essential oils are natural substances and are very strong so they should be used with extreme caution at all times. 

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