Ready to sell your signature coaching package but not sure where to start?

Like, do you need a webinar? Do you need a lead magnet? What even is a sales funnel and how do you build one?

All valid questions that can keep you running in circles if you’re not careful. It can even lead to overwhelm, which turns into procrastination, or worse, not taking any action.


Don’t worry Boo, I got your back! Let’s work together to get all your ducks in a row so you can launch your signature course or program! We will create a plan so you can launch repeatedly using the same system while making bank! Sound good?

Listen, you have goals and I totally get it. Buuuuut, what you don’t have is the time to set up systems that will keep things moving smoothly. I will help you come up with a plan that doesn’t seem overwhelming and help you build a launch toolbox that you can use for future launches.

Don’t worry about HOW, just CREATE.

At the end of our 3 months, your toolbox will contain:

  • a welcome sequence

  • a freebie

  • a low priced product that directly leads to interest in your signature program

  • automated systems (scheduling & payment)

  • prelaunch materials that can be used as Evergreen

  • consistent email marketing & plan for the future

Investment for 3 months: $5,000

Pay all at once or choose monthly payments.

You’ll also get:

  • 2 - 30 minute calls per month

  • customized launch plan that you can use over and over

  • an evergreen launch plan

  • custom Trello board(s) to keep it all organized

Caitlin saved my life at least 5, 6, 10 times last month. Last month, I launched my group course and let me tell you, without Caitlin’s help, that course would still be in my mind and nobody would be in it. I’m not so hot at the behind the scenes stuff so I wanted someone else to do all the back end stuff. Caitlin set up my paypal, my sales page, my landing page and was my biggest cheerleader. I had a successful launch and I owe it all to Caitlin. You will be able to stay in your zone of genius if you let Caitlin stay in hers, and that is building strategies, keeping you on track and organized and doing all the things that are not in your zone of genius. Caitlin will help you get what’s in your head out in the world and serving the people that you’re meant to serve.
— Crystal Thompson,

Working with Caitlin has been an absolute dream! Not only has she walked me through a successful first launch, she did so with complete patience and skill. I had avoided a proper launch for YEARS because I found myself overwhelmed by all of the admin and back office steps. With her help in planning and executing (everything from designing my free challenge through to the launch itself), I was able to not only create a launch sequence that felt aligned, but spent the majority of my time being in my zone of genius instead of worrying about systems. I went from a scared launching newbie to an 18% conversion…and now actual EXCITEMENT about my next launch!
— Anjanette Fennell,,

The breakdown:

Month 1

Pre-launch set up: Initiating.

  • set up systems

  • gather/create prelaunch materials together

  • sales pages/landing pages

  • emails

  • paypal/stripe

  • software

Month 2

Launch Mode: Activated.

  • launch support for smooth sailing

  • access to me via Voxer/email

  • customer support

  • answer any questions that your peeps might have

Month 3

Full Support: Maintain.

  • student/client issues

  • tying up loose ends

  • your new launch method in visual form so you can refer back to it


Before I started working with Caitlin, I felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks associated with my launch. She jumped on board quickly and was able to take on all of the extra tasks that I didn’t have time for. I really appreciated her quick response time and her ability to take on multiple areas at one time.
— Bernadette Wesley,


You have questions. I have answers. Schedule a quick follow up call to learn just how amazing this will be for your business (and wallet)!