Calling all coaches who work way too many hours
trying to land consistent retainer clients…

Would you FINALLY launch your
Signature Coaching Package
within the next 3 months if you had a strategist create, put together, and launch your whole program FOR YOU?

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Every day, with a credit card in hand, hundreds of people are scouring the internet looking for their perfect coach.
They’re reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and subscribing to newsletters, waiting for their gut to tell them- “This is the coach who will transform my life.”

The big question is…
Will they hire YOU to be that coach?

Hint: The answer relies heavily on how easy-to-use, client-friendly,
and professionally done your Signature Coaching Package is.

If you’re embarrassed about your sales page, shy about promoting your webinar, not sure if you have a lead magnet in place, and you know your “sales funnel” is half-assed… do you know how many potential clients (and thousands of dollars) just got thrown out the window? 😢

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Keep reading, because the decision you’re about to make is going to be
the difference between being booked out and invoices getting paid immediately
or continuing to scroll through Facebook typing “I can help!” in random groups.

You already know how to make more money as a coach.
You’ve sat through the webinars.
You’ve taken the courses.
You’ve even joined masterminds to meet some accountability buddies.

You’re definitely stuck in the never ending cycle of:

  • Listening to all the gurus and experts and immediately getting overwhelmed.

  • Leaving your projects and ideas half finished.

  • Being paralyzed by the amount of tech you have to learn.


I avoided a proper launch for YEARS because I found myself overwhelmed by all of the admin and tech. Caitlin did EVERYTHING - from designing my free challenge through to the launch itself.

I was able to create a launch sequence that felt aligned and spent the majority of my time being in my zone of genius instead of worrying about systems. I went from a scared launching newbie to an 18% conversion…and now actual EXCITEMENT about my next launch!

- Anjanette Fennell,

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But there's good news...
You can launch your
Signature Coaching Package
within the next 3 months.

…and watch your phone blow up with instantly paid invoices.

I strategize, craft, set-up, and test every single step of creating the coaching package for you.

If you’ve read this far, you know that you NEED to light that fire under your ass and create that Signature Launch Package.

But did you know that by using my 3 Months Til Launch Process, you will:

  • Have people reaching out to YOU, asking you when your next opening is.

  • Enjoy an increase in revenue because your

  • Have your coaching package run like a well oiled machine - lead magnets, webinars, tech systems, workflows, strategies, your full foundation completely set up.

  • Have an inbox exploding with people trying to work with you- whether as a client, sponsor, or podcast guest.

  • Finally hit the next stage of your business that you’ve procrastinated on for too long.

Yes, this can absolutely be a reality for you, whether this is your first try at a coaching business or your 10th attempt.

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The secret is my 3 Months Til Launch plan which
sets the foundation, executes the strategy, and gets you launch ready.

You can have a fully functional and converting
Signature Coaching Package for your business.

I leverage the most up-to-date marketing strategies and software and craft a custom launch plan designed to convert the people who land on your website into clients who pay you your asking rate without thinking twice.

You don’t need a super complicated business plan or to outsource to a gigantic team.
I can get your Signature Coaching Package done for you in 3 months.


After working together, you can re-use my launch strategy and systems over and over again every time you need to book a few more clients.

Still with me? Let’s check out what these 3 months will look like…

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Month 1: Setting the Foundation

This month will be spent combing through your coaching business and getting really up close and personal with what your goals are for your Signature Coaching Package. We’ll review your lead generation strategy, audit the software you’re using, and get all the administrative planning put in place to make the most of our time together.

We will:

  • Set up a Trello board will a fully detailed plan of the next three months. Timelines and assignments will be added.

  • Gather client research and create pre-launch materials.

  • Create your landing/sales page.

  • Set up canned and automated emails to boost client communication.

  • Set up payment processors.

  • Software audit and migrations (if needed).

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Month 2: Launch Mode. Yeah, seriously!

With all the preparations in place from Month 1, you’re ready to launch. I know it sounds soon and you might wonder if you’re really ready, but I’ll be a single Voxer message or email away, if anything goes wrong. This month is about launching that Signature Coaching Package that we spent a whole month working on and working out any bumps that pop up.

I will:

  • Be at the ready to respond to any issues that you encounter. I’ll have issues fixed ASAP.

  • Have my calendar open to answer any questions you have, whether through email or Voxer.

  • Be able to provide you with any tech, administrative, or even mindset support while you focus on working with your new clients.

My primary focus for your Launch Mode is making sure that your new Signature Coaching Package is running as planned. If people are having issues paying you, scheduling calls, or figuring out how to sign your contracts, I’m here to quickly take care of any problems. Zero panic.

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Month 3: Maintain!

Now that the foundation has been set, your business is running smoothly, and you’ve successfully run your first launch, let’s talk about making sure your coaching business consistently brings in money, month after month.

We will:

  • Do a review of your coaching sessions. What issues came up? What needs to be revised? What can be removed?

  • Answer any final you questions you have.

  • Create a final version of your launch plan.

  • Talk about any future plans - do you need ongoing strategy support? do you need additional help?

  • Smooth out any final problems.

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Plus: All these Bonuses are YOURS!!

On top of monthly support and action plans, you will also receive:

  • Two 30-minute calls per month.

  • Access to me through Voxer or email.

  • Priority customer support for these three months, since your launch is my main focus.

  • Your complete launch plan in visual format, to make it easier for you to refer back to month after month.

  • A personal strategist who will do the bulk of the work for you so all you have to do is COACH!!


Caitlin saved my life at least 5, 6, 10 times last month. Last month, I launched my group course and let me tell you, without Caitlin's help, that course would still be in my mind and nobody would be in it. I'm not so hot at the behind the scenes stuff so I wanted someone else to do all the back end stuff. Caitlin set up my Paypal, my sales page, my landing page and was my biggest cheerleader.

I had a successful launch and I owe it all to Caitlin. You will be able to stay in your zone of genius if you let Caitlin stay in hers, and that is building strategies, keeping you on track and organized and doing all the things that are not in your zone of genius. Caitlin will help you get what's in your head out in the world and serving the people that you're meant to serve.

- Crystal Thompson

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Your Investment:

$5,000 for EVERYTHING

All three months and everything you see above, is included.
That’s a steal.
(3 month payment plan available if requested).


Before I started working with Caitlin, I felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks associated with my launch. She jumped on board quickly and was able to take on all of the extra tasks that I didn’t have time for. I really appreciated her quick response time and her ability to take on multiple areas at one time.

- Bernadette Wesley

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