Ready to scale but don’t know how?

You've been getting bored in your online business, doing the same things, day after day after day. You're beyond ready to make more money and get more visible but you just don't know where to start - after all, you’re still managing all the housekeeping in your business while trying to grow. (A recipe for disaster if you ask me!) You need a biz bestie who gets it, who understands how you are feeling and why you do what you do, someone who sees your goals and believes in you. Sure, masterminds are great but you need one on one attention. Maybe even a little hand holding. 

Yup, been there! At one time, I raised my rates and I wasn't seeing much return until I got serious with myself. I was waiting for something big to happen without realizing that I was what I needed. I needed to put the time into my own business, not someone else's for a change. I started doing small tasks to get me to a larger goal that would make me more money and make me more visible. 

If you are stuck on what to do with your business and how to connect with your audience, Caitlin is your gal. I just got off of a 1 hour working session with her and I felt like she was sitting right next to me giving me a full on website audit! I got off of the call with ideas on how to make my opt ins more impactful, what to write about in my newsletters, and how to reorganize my website so that my audience is clear on who I am and what I have to offer. She even introduced me to new online tools like Linktree and hoe to set up my email nurture sequence to be more effective! It’s nice to have action items to keep my momentum going instead of feeling more lost after speaking with someone.

Now, I want to help my fellow lady bosses.

In my consulting program, we'll go through your biggest, most badass goal for the next year and break it down into bite sized chunks that are easy to implement. Here's what you'll get:

Detailed Planning Calls

  • 3 60-minute calls to map out your biggest, most bad-ass goal

  • easy to implement action plan with custom Trello Board

  • tech & automation suggestions that will make your life easier and business run smoother

  • lead magnet/freebie suggestions

  • lead magnet/freebie design and implementation

  • $400 one time fee

  • peace of mind knowing your email list will grow with quality subscribers (your ideal clients!)


All Inclusive - Everything Done For You

  • 6 60-minute calls to work through challenges or get you started on your next goals

  • tech & automation suggestions

  • tech & automation set up & integration

  • lead magnet/freebie design and implementation

  • 4-email nurturing sequence

  • Google Drive or DropBox folder to house all your new goodies

  • custom Trello board so you can stay on top of your game once everything is set up

  • action plan to meet your goals (mapped out on Google Sheets)

  • complete peace of mind knowing you have the foundation to make progress toward your goals

  • $1,000 with the option for 2 or 3 payments (you’ll be billed $500 initially)

  • Choice to enter a retainer contract of $1,000/month