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Caitlin was so helpful, setting up my first sales funnel sequence and even writing the sales copy for me in my own brand voice. Working with her actually gave me a personal revelation, too. For our first video chat, I was nervous, making sure I looked presentable for a work call, and I was so worried because I’m currently working from home and it was a snow day so my kids were home from school bouncing off the walls. I realized that Caitlin was also working around her little one, and I realized that being a mom makes us so much more awesome at our jobs, and we understand one another, too. Caitlin is rocking this boss mom thing, and now I feel proud to say that I am, too. It’s not easy to balance it all, but moms do it best. Caitlin is smart, timely, and talented, and I’m so glad to have had her as a teammate to take the pressure off having to do it all myself. I’ve been hesitant to outsource things before because I have really high standards and control issues, but this has been a really great experience.
— Kate Austin-Avon, advokate.net

Caitlin has helped me launch my business. I was technically clueless and illiterate until Caitlin came on board with my company. She was so patient and really pushed me to move forward. Her innovative ideas and implementation of my projects and programs made such a difference during my time of major frustration. Caitlin is a real leader in her field. I would not be as far along as I am if it weren’t for her wisdom, knowledge and experience. I would recommend Caitlin to anyone wanting to make a difference by raising your company up to the next level. SHE IS REALLY ON HER GAME! Caitlin created my website that is beautiful and most impressive!!!!! Thank you Caitlin for being on my team.
— Candace Darby M.S.W., I.I.N.H.C., Founder of Abundant Soul LLC
business strategy for coaches

business strategy for business and life coaches
Caitlin has been a great help to me in the launch of my courses! She helped design homework assignments, uploaded them onto my Teachable course site and help me to manage student enrollment.

She kept my course site up to date with the latest happenings and also managed my monthly newsletter. Caitlin helped me put my ebook together, by formatting, designing and arranging pages.

I wouldn’t have been able to keep up without her help!
— Michelle Lockey, Singer-Songwriter, Music Business Consultant, Licensing Music Academy

Caitlin is a pro at whipping up beautiful social media graphics and PDF’s, and gave me so much free time by automating emails and setting up events. I’m so grateful to have had her help getting my business to work more efficiently.
— Allison Braun
business strategy for business and life coaches

business strategy for business and life coaches
Caitlin’s help has allowed me to work on my business doing what I love, instead of spending hours on tasks. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a detail oriented online business manager with quick turnaround.
— Fiona Benjamin

Caitlin is a proactive go-getter who produces quality and timely work. She’s a project manager who truly cares about the health and growth of your business. When I assign a project, I’m confident it will get done. And if she encounters bottlenecks, she’s diligent in following up to get what she needs to move forward (and if I am the cause of the bottleneck she holds me accountable to get my piece done). Caitlin provides a perfect solution for busy solopreneurs.
— Bree Noble, Female Musician Coach, femalemusicianacademy.com
business strategy for business and life coaches

Caitlin makes things really easy. She takes initiative and always communicates extremely well. Since working with Caitlin, I have more time to network and grow my business.
— Chelsea Xeron, CEO, Studio52DC.com

Before I started working with Caitlin, I felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks associated with my launch. She jumped on board quickly and was able to take on all of the extra tasks that I didn’t have time for. I really appreciated her quick response time and her ability to take on multiple areas at one time.
— Bernadette Wesley, www.bernadettewesley.com
business strategy for business and life coaches

Caitlin did an awesome job helping me set up my first giveaway! My list size increased by 400% thanks to her assistance.
— Kalisha Blair