Anatomy of a welcome/warming sequence

lead magnet welcome sequence

What is a welcome sequence?

Have you ever heard that the fortune is in the follow up? It’s true! Once someone signs up for your list and receives your lead magnet, you should be following up with a welcome sequence. This series of emails should be dripped over a number of days and be friendly and informational. The idea is to introduce yourself, let the reader get to know you and share more expertise.

There is no hard and fast rule about how many emails should be in your welcome sequence but a good number to start with is 4. Here I will break down the sequence into 5 emails (the last one is optional).

Email #1: Lead Magnet delivery.

This is the very first email and most likely has the freebie attached to it. This email can be simple. Thank your new subscriber and make it short and sweet. No need to get into lots of details here.

Email #2: Introduction

Here is where the sequence starts getting fun. Introduce yourself and explain how you got to where you are and how you became an expert in your industry. If you don’t have ways for people to follow you in your email signature, consider adding them here. Invite your peeps to hang out with you on social media or read your blog.

Email #3: Share

Find an interesting article or bit of information and share it. This positions you as an expert even further.

Email #4: Tell a (True) Story

Share a story about a time you helped a client through a problem. Explain how they felt before working with you and after working with you. You can also put a testimonial or two in this email

Email #5: (optional) Invite

You can combine this with email #4 or create a whole new email here. Either way is fine. This is where you invite the new subscriber to work with you. Give them some sort of call to action like scheduling a call, filling out a form. Invite them to work with you or learn more about what you do (by sending them to a landing or sales page).