Secure Password Sharing = Peace of Mind for Everyone

secure password sharing

In my opinion, passwords are one of those necessary evils that we have to deal with. Business owners have an average of 191 passwords. And in my green VA days, this scared the shit out of me, ya’ll. I was worried about knowing and protecting the sign-in data of every single client. Plus, being the ever people-pleasing person I am, I was concerned for my clients and thought that it probably wasn’t so professional to have all this data on a spreadsheet. Luckily, LastPass entered my life shortly after I embarked on this self-employment journey. It was one of the first platforms I learned when I first started out.

Secure Password Sharing

LastPass is a password sharing program designed with the online business owner in mind. While they do have a completely free version, they also offer a more robust package for families and teams. is completely free, unless you want or need the badass business version. For a one person show (like I have here), the free account is sufficient. All I did was sign up and download the browser extension. From now until the end of my days (hopefully), any time I sign in on a webpage, LastPass will ask to save it (as long as you are logged in). This is super duper helpful for the forgetful folks that can’t remember all 7,834,973 passwords they have. Ever been the girl getting locked out of your email or bank account because you can’t remember that damn password you picked a couple months ago? (*raises hand* Been there!) If enter a new log in somewhere, LastPass will automatically ask me if I want to save the new one into LastPass.

As an added protective bonus, LastPass will alert you when you use the same password in multiple places. They make it so easy to come up with fancy passwords on the go. All you gotta do now is choose a strong password for LastPass. Choose one that is tough and includes a combination of lower-case letters, upper-case letters and special characters. Avoid choosing one that will be hard to remember later. Log in and start saving all your password protected accounts right away. When you need to use one, go to the log-in page and last pass will automatically fill in the username and password fields. Man, they make it so easy to access all your accounts without having to wrack your brain every time you want to sign into something.

Peace of Mind for Your Clients

Whenever I sign a new client, my welcome email contains the link to join LastPass. Once the client signs up (if they aren’t already a member), they are able to share all their private info with me safely. I never see any passwords that my clients have shared with me.

Updating Passwords

If I need to update a password (or my client needs to update one) it’s super easy. For my own passwords, if I change a password, LastPass picks up on that and asks me if I want to update my information in LastPass. With one click, it’s done. If you are a premium user, any passwords changed by your client (as long as they are a premium user) will show up automatically without creating any hiccups in your day. If not, make sure they re-share the log-in info and you delete the old one.

See? Passwords don’t have to be the root cause of your stress and anxiety as you navigate online business! Get yourself LastPass if you don’t already have it!