Girl, get to know your client!

online business manager

In order to grow your business and move up an income level (or four), you have to have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is. The truth is, if you’re not targeting the right client, you’ll likely attract followers who aren’t potential buyers of your product or service. And if you aren’t attracting the right people, it’ll be hard to run a successful business.

Knowing who your ideal client is, what makes them tick and what they live for will help you create content that speaks directly to them. This will have all the right people wanting more of what you have and investing in your products.

Define your product or service and who it helps

The first step in getting to know your client is defining the problem your business helps solve. What are the pain points your product solves? What kinds of benefits are your clients looking for and expecting?

Avoid broad terms and get specific

You might say, “my ideal client is a female business owner” and that's a start… but it's not enough. Here’s why, a female business owner could be someone that owns a fast food franchise, someone who has an online business or a female who has a retail shop. These are all wildly different in nature and the life coach that gets clients on a worldwide level will not have the same needs or pain points that, say, a clothing boutique owner in a large city would have.

Dig deep.

Get to know this person on a more personal level. Determine things like:

  • The kind of job they have

  • How much money they make

  • Their age, gender, sexual orientation

  • Topics they feel passionately about

  • The way they dress

  • Their level of education

  • If they have children and/or pets

  • Their hobbies

  • What kind of house they live in

  • The vehicle they drive

  • What TV shows do they indulge in

Although this is a great starting point, you can narrow your audience down even further by thinking about things like the ages of their children, how they spend their money or how they decorate their house. Nothing is off the table and all the information will help you get to know your client even better.

Don't be afraid to change it up.

Your ideal client can (and most likely will) change over time and as your business evolves. That’s totally fine and is all part of the growth process.