5 Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

online business manager

Hey online business owner! Did you know that hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a huge weight off your plate, especially if you are doing everything alone? I'm going to give you 5 reasons why I think hiring a virtual assistant can be the best investment for your business. 

1. Save Money

I know this might seem kind of funny, right? A virtual assistant can actually save you lots of money because as an independent contractor, you don't shell out anything for taxes, health insurance or benefits. It's up the the VA how they want to handle that stuff. Plus, paying a VA can be used as a write off and we all know write offs are helpful at tax time.

2. Give yourself more time in the day.

Want to know had to add hours to your day? A VA can take care of all the tasks that take up your time and keep you away from serving clients, creating products or doing things your business needs. Instead, hire a VA to post your proofread, post and format your blog posts. By taking the step to outsource more tasks, you have just opened up time to take a vacation, take the kids the park or spend more time with your family.

3. Take a vacation.

The first thing I always say to my clients once they hire me is "Congratulations!." Handing off tasks means you don't have to close your business for a week or two while you spend some much needed time with your peeps. Have a VA take care of your inbox, organizing it, following up with clients and customers and so much more. 

4. More visibility.

Virtual assistants come with all sorts of specializations, much like a doctor. You can find VA's that handle specific areas that you lack in. Hate Twitter or LinkedIn? Hire a social media VA who can maintain your presence on those platforms. This checks one more thing off your check list and now you are visible to a larger audience.

5. Having another set of eyes.

Having a VA can be helpful when you need help or want to bounce an idea off of someone. Since most VAs work with many clients, they can share their expertise on programs that can benefit your business or steer you away from the programs that aren't needed. For example, I had a client who paid for both Google Drive and DropBox. Once I told her that she really only needed one of those programs, she was thrilled. She opted to keep Google Drive because of its capabilities and ditch DropBox. Google Drive has an unlimited storage option, so why pay for both?

This is just a small list of reasons why having a bad ass VA on your team is not only beneficial but maybe even essential. Take a look at your business today. Can you see places for improvement or things you could outsource? If you do, schedule a call with me and let's chat! I might be able to help you or lead to another badass VA who can get the job done and give you some more time in your day to do what you want.