5 tips to content creation

online business manager

Something I struggle with in my business is content creation. Questions like “What do I write about?” and “Do I even know what I am talking about?” have plagued me so much that I avoided writing blogs for the first two years I was in business. The truth is though, that in order to grow and get myself out there, I needed to move past my fears and just do it.

The good news is that content comes in many different forms such as blog posts, YouTube videos, facebook lives, or social media graphics/workbooks. The tricky part for me was coming with ideas and implementing that actual creation of the content. So today, I an going to share with you a few tips and tricks on content creation.

Know your audience

One of the biggest factors in NOT creating content is not having a clear understanding of who your ideal client is. In order to create compelling topics and must-read articles, you have to first know who you are marketing to. This process gets really deep and is worthy of its own blog post that you can check out here.

Jot down ideas when they come to you, any time of day.

My mind is constantly coming up with great ideas, no matter where I am. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing dishes, cooking dinner or sitting at my kid’s football practice. But if I don’t act on it, I’m likely to forget all about it and not take any action at all. So the first tip I have is to write that shit down! I have a folder in my Google Drive that I can access from anywhere on my phone and it’s super easy to just pop it open and write down my thought. This way, I can circle back to it at a more opportune time.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Being a service provider, it is really, really easy to get caught up in client work. This is something that I struggled with and truth be told, I still do sometimes. Time blocking has helped me plan out my days in advance so I know when I will work on my own stuff. Since there are lots of facets to my business, I set aside time for things each day of the week. Some days are about checking up on invoices, other days are about content creation. Whatever you have to do, schedule it in. And if you can’t come up with any ideas to blog about during that time, no problem, open up that document or journal you have from step one and choose a topic and bang it out.

Plan topics out

If you’re coming up on a big launch, consider creating content that revolves around what you are launching. Not only does it make sense from a marketing standpoint, but you already have these things fresh in your head. Another tip is to make a list of things you feel passionately about. Ideas that light you up will help you create valuable content quickly, as opposed to having to think about it.

Do what you are comfortable with

Now, I’m a big believer in moving out of comfort zones but when you’re strapped for time or content creation is something you struggle with, my suggestion is to do what makes you comfortable. If recording videos is easier for you, go for it. If writing a blog post is your thing, cool. Whatever it is, do it.