Workflow, automations and processes...Oh MY!

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Having systems, processes and workflows in your business can make a HUGE difference when it comes to sending out emails, newsletters, on-boarding and off-boarding clients, scheduling and anything else you can think of. But things that work for one person or business don't always work for another.

Finding the right workflows should give you freedom, consistency, and create ease and flow in your business. Mostly, they depend on the business, you/your team, clients and the goals you hope to reach. It's not always cut and dry and sometimes can take quite a few tries before you find the perfect processes.

Some of my favorite programs to create free processes are Zapier, Trello, Boomerang and Mailchimp. For paid systems, I love 17Hats, Acuity Scheduling (which also has a free version) and Convertkit.

One of my most favorite workflows looks like this:

When someone is ready to schedule a call with me, they fill out a form (in Acuity) and then schedule their time. They are automatically added to my Mailchimp list (tagged accordingly), and to 17Hats (as a hot lead). When they are ready for on-boarding, they are sent through another workflow in 17Hats. I am able to send a contract, invoice, questionnaire and getting started emails without having to lift a finger.

As it goes in business, I'm always finding new and better ways to do things, so this process can change at any time. But for now, it's nice to know that I have things working in the back end of my business so I can spend more time with clients.

Do you have workflows or automations in your business? Which are your favorites?

I'd love to know!